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We have reached capacity for some of the Summit sessions. Please check availability on the session selection form (available after you register for the summit).

Friday, September 27


Admissions Information Sessions

Attire: comfortable and casual

RSA House

8 John Adam Street

Dartmouth Admissions Information Session

Bring your questions and learn how the Dartmouth admissions process works throughout the world.

Tuck School Admissions Information Session

Bring your questions and learn how the Tuck admissions process works throughout the world.


Guided Experiences

Most guided experiences have reached capacity.

Attire: comfortable and casual

A British Crown Jewel: Backstage at the Royal National Theatre

The National Theatre of Great Britain is one of the United Kingdom's most prominent publicly funded performing arts venues, along with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Opera House. Join Professor of Theater Peter Hackett ’75 for a royal tour and a spot of tea.

Royal National Theatre
Upper Ground, Lambeth 

Health Heroes! The Global War to Save Human Lives

A visit to the Francis Crick Institute, the largest biomedical research facility in Europe, with Dean of the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies and cholera researcher F. Jon Kull ’88, Associate Dean for Global Health Lisa Adams, MD, MED’90, and Norris Cotton Cancer Center Director Steven Leach, MD. See scientists in action, working on ways to combat epidemics and pandemics, cure cancer, and improve human health in a borderless world.

Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road

Hot War/Cold War: How Churchill Shaped the Future of the Western World

Hot War/Cold War: How Churchill Shaped the Future of the Western World A private tour of Churchill War Rooms and a reflection on Churchill’s role during World War II and its aftermath. With Daniel Webster Professor of Government William C. Wohlforth.

Churchill War Rooms
Clive Steps, King Charles Street

Is Dartmouth a Religion? A Theological Investigation

In this lively session, Preston H. Kelsey Professor of Religion Susan Ackerman ’80 will challenge your beliefs as she invites your thoughts on this deceptively provocative question. Along the way, you’ll explore those divine distinctions that unite Dartmouth alumni worldwide into a powerful, diverse—yet cohesive—congregation.

RSA House
8 John Adam Street

London Mithraeum: Reimagining a Roman Temple in One of the World’s Most Sustainable Office Buildings

Professor of Classical Studies Roberta Stewart and a team of curators lead a visit to the state-of-the-art museum built to house the Roman temple to Mithras where it was discovered—now the site of Bloomberg’s new European headquarters, in the heart of London’s financial district. Bloomberg guides will also take you on an exclusive tour of the building itself—one of the world’s greenest—including its broadcasting and publishing suites.

Bloomberg London Building
3 Queen Victoria Street

Missing Pieces: How the Parthenon Lost Its Marbles and Dartmouth Found Relief(s)

For this insider’s view of the British Museum, William R. Kennan Professor of Ancient Greek History Paul Christesen ’88 will share insights about the Parthenon Marbles, arguably the museum’s most controversial collection. Preston H. Kelsey Professor in Religion Susan Ackerman ’80 will then tell the story of how the relief panels from Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal’s palace ended up at the British Museum in London—and in Hanover, New Hampshire. (Ask her to read the cuneiform writing…because she can!)

British Museum
Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury

Monkey Business: Dartmouth Family Fun at the British Museum

In this delightful excursion to the British Museum, Charles Hansen Professor of Anthropology Nate Dominy and his family (including Eleanor, age 8, and Emerson, age 5) will introduce Dartmouth families to the museum’s mummified Egyptian baboons. Nate will then take visitors behind the scenes to see where he conducted his research on these monkey mummies. Afterwards, families will have the opportunity to do a scavenger hunt for other museum treasures.

British Museum
Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury

The Russians Are Coming! An International Security Crisis Simulation

Suppose that Moscow launched a political-military pressure campaign against NATO’s most vulnerable members: the Baltic states. What challenges would this pose for NATO? What tools could the alliance wield to resist Russian pressure? How might the Alliance prepare today? Join us for an interactive simulation, led by Daniel Benjamin, the Norman E. McCulloch Jr. Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, and Associate Professor of Government Daryl Press.

RSA House
8 John Adam Street

Unlocking Creative Confidence: How Dartmouth Shapes Design Thinking for the World’s Good

During this interactive gathering, Engineering professor Eugene Korsunskiy will demonstrate the cognitive strategies and methodologies Dartmouth students learn in order to inform their creative design work in any field. Onsite exercises will help audience members liberate their own creative design powers.

RSA House
8 John Adam Street


Welcome reception at the Shard

Hosted by the EMEA Committee and Tuck European Council

Attire: smart business

The Shard
32 London Bridge Street

Saturday, September 28

All Saturday sessions take place at IET London: Savoy Place, 2 Savoy Place, WC2R 0BL unless otherwise noted.

Attire: comfortable and casual




Light Breakfast


Keynote Address: President Hanlon


Dartmouth Tomorrow: The Path Forward




Leading with Impact: Big Bets on Discovery


Break-out Discussions with Dartmouth Leadership: Dartmouth's Global Strategy





Epidemics and Pandemics: Dartmouth’s War on Infectious Disease in a Borderless Age

Ebola. Zika. Drug-resistant fungi. HIV. The quest to guarantee all people a chance at optimal health regardless of where they live is increasingly compromised by the ominous spread of deadly, contagious diseases. What are we doing about it? What can we do? Dartmouth experts have ideas and invite you to join them in an interactive exploration of lasting, life-enhancing solutions.

Innovation for Social Good: How Dartmouth Is Making an Outsize Impact in the Realm of Social Enterprise

Dartmouth has a long history of graduating global leaders in social entrepreneurship. This panel brings together alumni entrepreneurial experts from Switzerland, India, Norway, and the U.S. for a colloquy on the power of social entrepreneurs to scale solutions to a multitude of the world’s most pressing problems.

Resilient, Sustainable Energy: What Are Dartmouth’s Ideas for the Planet?

Energy systems around the world are facing new risks from climate change, cyberattacks, and geopolitical threats, and challenges in how we conceive, build, and operate new sustainable technologies for our current and future energy systems. In this interactive seminar, energy experts from Europe, Africa, and the U.S. will challenge themselves—and you—to address the problem of creating equitable, sustainable energy for everyone. All ideas welcome.





Emerging Challenges to European Security: What Future Dartmouth Leaders Need to Know—and Be

Europeans are witnessing the disintegration of multilateralism, resurgent nationalism, the rise of autocratic regimes, and the decline of diplomacy as a tool for international peace. With the United States increasingly detached, Russia meddling provocatively in the workings of societies across the continent, and the EU experiencing extraordinary strains due to Brexit and populism in eastern member states, the increasingly urgent question is: What can be done? And how is Dartmouth training students to tackle these problems? Bring your own region’s perspective to this absorbing discussion led by a team of Dartmouth economists, diplomats, and public policy experts.

Trade Wars: How Did We Get Here, and What’s the Path Forward?

Dartmouth experts—leading scholars, policy makers, and business leaders alike—discuss how and why the integration of the global economy has been thrown in reverse by clashes such as the China-U.S. trade war and the looming Brexit. What ideas and experiences from Dartmouth might help chart a forward path toward continued global prosperity? Join in and find out.

Winter is Leaving: The New Arctic Reality and Dartmouth’s Response to It

The Arctic is changing fast, affecting everyone across the planet. Warming at rates twice the global average, a transformed Arctic means significant direct impacts on our lives, security, and economies. Join a panel of experts as they explore the geopolitical, economic, sociological, and medical issues confronting a changing Arctic—and learn about Dartmouth’s approach to addressing the Arctic as an interdependent reality.


President's Reception

Attire: cocktail, with a touch of green

Old Library, Guildhall
Basinghall Street, EC2V 7HH


250th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Program

Attire: cocktail, with a touch of green

Great Hall, Guildhall
Basinghall Street, EC2V 7HH

Program Details

Join President Hanlon, Gail M. Gentes ’77a, and Board of Trustees Chair Laurel J. Richie ’81 for a celebratory dinner, surprise announcements, and not-to-be-missed faculty-student presentations.



Sunday, September 29


The Call to Serve

Attire: gardening togs

St. Andrew's Gardens, Camden
Gray’s Inn Road/Wren Street

Guided Excursions

Most guided experiences have reached capacity and are no longer available. Please consider joining us for other Summit sessions.

Attire: comfortable and casual

Berth of the Bard: Backstage at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

With Professor of Theater Peter Hackett ’75, explore this faithful recreation of the theater made famous by Britain’s greatest playwright. Channel your inner thespian and imagine strutting the boards in carefully curated productions of Hamlet, Twelfth Night, and other Shakespearean classics. A fascinating glimpse into a venue vital to 16th century Londoners.

Shakespeare’s Globe
21 New Globe Walk

Bread Winner! A Culinary Quest for the Perfect Loaf

What do Jude Law, Claudia Schiffer, and Tim Burton have in common? They’re all fans of the artisan breads baked onsite at GAIL’s, London’s leading chain of bake shops. Now GAIL’s Co-Founder and CEO Tom Molnar ’88 invites you to meet his staff and learn the secrets behind GAIL’s insanely delicious sourdoughs, ryes, and other crusty creations. Chat up the bakers as they hand-bake with natural ingredients. Then tuck into a baker’s breakfast of warm fresh breads topped with generous lashings of butter and jam. Yum.

Unit C Neo-Bankside
70 Holland Street

Hot War/Cold War: How Churchill Shaped the Future of the Western World

A private tour of Churchill War Rooms and a reflection on Churchill’s role during World War II and its aftermath. With Daniel Webster Professor of Government William C. Wohlforth.

Churchill War Rooms
Clive Steps, King Charles Street